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121 inch
962 sq inch
60oz to 70oz
Full Stabs*
Wide body*
Hardwood leading edge*
Closed nose fuselage*
Slip on nose cone
Custom spare system*
Fiberglass & carbon fiber fuss
Carbon fiber trailing edges & root
$380Kit/$580 Build

*Full stabs.  The stab's pivot point is 1/4" carbon fiber, and two 1/8" thick hard points of
                     resin/cab laid into the vertical stabilizer to provide extra strength.

*Leading edge.  Optional solid oak leading edges provides extra durability to edge and
                           will take a pounding as well as protecting the wing.

*Closed nose.   The fuss's nose section is formed in one piece as a platform for mounting
                         servos, and custom cut outs for battery and receiver. Nose cone slips over.

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